Writing Samples

Cheerleading Stories:

‘Dancers live in a world of fear’: why cheerleaders are taking on the NFL and NBA

An Abrupt Firing Leaves San Antonio Spurs Dancers Hurt and Suspicious

Stress Fractures, Hunger, and Low Pay: One Woman’s Life As an NBA Cheerleader

I Went Undercover To Find Out What It Takes To Be An Underpaid NBA Cheerleader

Profiles and Celebrity:

Betsey Johnson: An American Icon On Champagne, Closets, and the Road Less Traveled

Laganja Estranja’s Sashay Into Cannabis Activism

Charo: The Guitar Prodigy Who Accidentally Became a 70s Sex Symbol

I Used a Fake ID to Scam My Way into Britney Spears Day

Grace Gundrum is a 12 Year Old Grappling Prodigy Who Can Kick Your Ass

Personal Narrative:

My Time As a “Cool” Substitute Teacher and Complete Trainwreck

Chasing Adrenaline and Childhood Memories at Six Flags Magic Mountain

My Hearing Loss Felt Normal Until I Tried To Fix It

Los Angeles and Travel:

The Paul Smith Wall: It Costs $60,000 A Year To Upkeep This Instagram Landmark

Midnight at the Rainbow Bar and Grill

Making Good On A 15 Year Plan To Run Away to Graceland

Locals of Avalon: Living Full-Time on Los Angeles’s Weekend Island

California: Land of the Eternal Gold Rush

A Trip to the LA County Line and Its Unlikely Hangout For Tourists, Surfers, Celebs, and Outlaws

Money, Murder and Mystery: An Afternoon At Beverly Hills’s Graystone Mansion

Stunts and Other Tom Foolery:

I Fixed My Credit By Day Drinking

The Genetics of Risk Taking

I Took My Mom To iPhone School


The Origins of Orgasmic Moaning

Your School May Be Watching Everything You Do On Social Media — And We Mean Everything

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